Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lovin' on my Life Group

It’s great to be part of a church but what is even great is being part of a small group.  A place where people can connect with others to experience “community” for building relationships, accountability and spiritual growth which is essential for life changes.  We call these small-group opportunities… Life Groups.  I am fortunate enough to belong to an amazing Life Group who gets together every Tuesday night.  While it’s one crazy, diverse group of people we have collectively decided that whichever path our lives may take, we will always be there for one another so we don’t have to go it alone. 
We typically start our night out with a shared meal.  This meal is usually planned mid morning the day of.  It starts with someone saying Life Group tonight what’s for dinner?  Then some emails go back and forth… I’m bringing this, we are bringing that and somehow a great meal is put together in a relatively short time.  Dinner starts at 6 sharp which means we all start rolling in around 6:30.  By 7:30 we are all on the couches completely full and ready to explode.  Once the food settles down… the discussion begins.  Now you are probably thinking we stick pretty close to the Bible.  Truth is God is very patient with us.  While we do talk about chapters in the Bible, Christian based books, current church sermons etc… it’s not uncommon for us to get off topic to let’s say….  Boxers or briefs?  Can you put a plastic glove over your head and blow it up so you look like a chicken?

 You know every day livin’ type topics.  By the way did you know… most guys pee in the shower?  Had it not been for Life Group I would not have known that nor would I have been able to pass on this tip:  It’s a good idea to get out the cleaning supplies before you fill the tub next time you’re in the mood for a bath.  J
Anyways… the point of this blog it to let you know that Life Groups do not need to be all serious, unless of course that is the way you prefer it.  For my group we are kind of… here we are Lord you made us, you know us and thank goodness you accept us just as we are.  If you are not involved in a Life Group, I would highly encourage it.  There is a lot of comfort knowing that whatever I’m going through may it be good times or bad, I have a family of friends who will always be there for me. "Life’s better with butter" and a little side of Life Group too.  Thank you Lord for my Life Group and the sense of belonging.  I feel blessed you have allowed me to connect to a biblical community where no on stands alone. 

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