Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Weeks

One night I received a frantic call from my son.  He was working on a job out of state and wanted me pick up his dog, Abby and watch her until he got home in a couple weeks.  He had heard through the grape vine that his roommates were not taking care of her.  My first thought was to pretend he had gotten the wrong number and hang up.  I didn’t want another dog especially a big dog.  We have a small house as it is and adding one more dog would make it smaller.  Besides, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out double the dog equals double the food equals double the poop.  So… of course I said yes. 

 Kevin and Kenzie went to get her.  She was filthy, her hair was all matted and boy did she stink.  I felt sorry for her but I also felt sorry for myself. You know me, I don’t do filthy and I certainly don’t do stinky.  In fact, I stopped serving my family beans because well you know beans/stinky but that’s another story.  First stop for Abby was the bathtub where she got a complete scrub down and a much needed flea treatment.  Once she was all spruced up it was time for her to meet Bailey. 

 Bailey is our brindle boxer.  She is about 80 pounds but thinks she is a lap dog.  She's got it pretty easy if I do say so myself.

 Bailey thinks Kevin is her husband.  I’m not sure how I fit into the picture but my guess is she thinks I’m the mistress.  Whenever I sit by Kevin, she does whatever's needed to get right in between us and puts her arm, paw, foot whatever it is around him. Then to throw salt in the wound she will look over at me with this giant smerk on her face as if to say “hahah I won and he’s mine”.  Needless to say, we are both jealous of one another.  You've probably already guessed...  she is pretty spoiled.  She has never ever “not” slept in a bed.  Not only does she sleep in a bed but she sleeps under the covers.  For quite a while she slept with Kevin and I (in between us of course) but she finally got too big.  Kevin wanted to get a bigger bed but thank goodness our room is to small.  There came a point when a decision had to be made...  one us was getting kicked out of that bed. We did the fair thing and Bailey and I drew straws.  Problem is we didn't have any straws so we improvised by using red licorice vines.  Oops... Bailey ate hers so guess what I won by default. Yep, I got to stay and she was banished to Kenzie’s room.  I don’t want to say I gloated but I FINALLY got to look at her with a big smerk on my face as if to say “haha I won and he’s mine!”
Abby it turns out is a really great dog.  She and Bailey took to one another right away.  They are in fact the best of friends. 

They love to play in the snow together:

They love to lounge on the couch together:

They love to go on walks together:

But most of all... they love to nap together:

We’ve had our “two week” dog now for 1 year, 3 months, 2 days and 8 hours but who’s counting?  Any chance anyone would be willing to watch her when we go on vacation?  It will only be for “two weeks”.

 Life’s better with butter" and lovable pets like Bailey and Abby. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see past the poop and to learn that two weeks doesn't always mean 14 days.


  1. When is your vacation? I might be able to volunteer but Im staying at your house!

  2. Priceless! What would we do without these amazing creatures that fill our lives with loves, licks, hair, poop and oh so many laughs. I'm completely convinced we will live longer and happier lives because of our animals, and nothing feels better than the unconditional love we receive from them every day. And as a post Molly recently sent me said, "Be the person your dog thinks you are." :) That pretty much sums it up.
    PS: I have a "two week" dog too, as you know. :)

  3. I love your dogs! I thought I wanted joint custody of my son's dog but I think I'm a good with the way things are. What a great post.